Pekin Quality

Supplying customers all around the UK with quality live poultry and other birds

Pekin Quality came out of a family hobby that had been going on for over 25 years. We were finally established and now breed 5 pekin bantam colours, 1 silkie colour, 1 wildfowl breed and lots of other creatures. We are always happy to help you with anything you may need. We are breeding guinea pigs, currently focusing on American Shorthair and Abyssinian but also have a mixed group that includes Peruvian, Shelties and Swiss.

Why come to us:
1. Our birds are all kept disease and mite free at all times
2. We are always on hand to help with any questions
3. Our birds come with a 2 week warrantee in which, if you are not happy with them you can return them + we offer a lifetime of free support
4. You can come at any time to hold, stroke or view our animals, free of charge

White Pekin Bantams

Our breeding group of white pekins consists of 6 hens and 2 cockerels. They are some of the most fantastic birds you will ever come across with high tails and extremely low to the ground. Contact us for availability on hatching eggs, chicks and point of lay.

Black & Blue Pekin Bantams

We have a gorgeous group of mixed Black, Black Mottled and Blue Mottled pekin bantams. Our birds are almost all show standard and have produced some fantastic chicks. We sell these as Hatching eggs, Chicks and POL.

Lavender Pekin Bantams

We currently have a trio with two lavender hens and a lovely black cockerel. These are throwing out both lavenders and blacks. They are absolutely lovely birds with brilliant personalities. We are not currently selling these

Buff Pekin Bantams

We have a fantastic trio of Buff pekins, which are our personal favourites. They have phenomenal colouring and are amazing shape. We are not currently selling but will hopefully be by late 2022.

Maned Geese

Maned Geese (Australian Wood Ducks) are the first of our wildfowl range. These guys are fantastic to have wondering around and are extremely friendly. Should be available mid 2023

Domestic Geese

We currently have a mixed flock of domestic geese. The breeds in the flock change constantly. Eggs are available in the spring and early summber, goslings are available early to late summer, adults available almost all year round

Blue/Gold Partridge Pekin Bantams

We have a mixed group of blue and gold partridge pekin bantams. These gorgeous birds are very friendly and make great pets. Sold as hatching eggs, chicks and POL.

Guinea Pigs

We also have a lovely herd of guinea pigs including Peruvians, Swiss, Abyssinian, American Shorthair and Shelties. Our herd is kept in a large 150 square metre pen with lots of grass, hay and toys to keep them busy. We have these available almost all of the time. Adults and babies usually available.

White Call Ducks

Originally used to lure wild mallard ducks into traps, these lovely little ducks will brighten up any garden. They are one of the smallest domestic ducks and are very easy to look after. We currently have one breeding pair of these.

As we breed most of what we sell, our animals and birds are always subject to availability. We usually have birds available most of the spring and summer but please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on availability.

please note, we reserve the right to change prices at any time